Meet the face
behind the business

I have a confession…I was a chubby kid! For which, in my humble opinion, I received way too much criticism and bullying for growing up. It was only a 2-year time frame but is shaped the way I felt about myself for so long. I mean, like 25 years I couldn’t kick that insecurity. After having kids, I decided enough was enough and I wanted to focus on health and not being SKINNY. Because there are so many more important things than being skinny!  This journey has given me FREEDOM from my insecurities and FREEDOM from the pressure I used to put on myself to be perfect. It’s also given me the opportunity to help others like myself, who have struggled with body image and who are ready to find a program that makes them feel good, helps them better themselves inside and out and gives them the opportunity to feel safe and happy!

Professionally I’ve gone from a corporate type of job where I made great money but hated my everyday existence. It felt like my job was just getting in the way of the things I wanted to do and the people I love. To searching for FREEDOM in starting my own health and wellness boutique and yoga studio. I loved it but I still didn’t have the FREEDOM I craved. I needed to have flexible hours. I needed to be able to call ALL the shots in every facet of the business and space and I just couldn’t make that happen.


But now, through this business, I have finally found that my world can be whatever I want it to be, how I want it to be, and I can still spread my love of health and fitness while doing it AND spending more time with my family.


This is all I’ve ever wanted.


Facts About Me:

Former Fitness Studio Owner

Former Apothecary Boutique Owner

Degree in Herbalism + 3 Herbal Certs

SAYF Certified

Yoga RYT 200 with over 300 hrs of training

Certified Barre Instructor 

Mama of 2

Firefighter Wife (single mom-ing it ½ time)

Hobby Farmer

Lover of Nature

Current College Student:

Health & Human Performance


 With my history in fitness, health, and wellness I'll be here every step of the way to help you with your wellness goals! This lifestyle has been a lifesaver for a busy mama and college student like me! I'd love to help you find your Happy Body too!